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    Home & Education Software Rated By Qweas.Com: 5 Stars   4 Stars   3 Stars

    Handy Address Book 2.1 Easy to use, yet powerful software that organizes all of your contacts' address and phones efficiently!

    Personal Knowbase Reader 3.0.3 Share your Personal Knowbase data files with friends or co-workers without Personal Knowbase.

    Remind-Me 4.1 Remind you holidays, birthdays, or any regularly scheduled event using an attractive traditional calendar.

    WorldCoins Organize all your collecting coins easily and efficiently if you enjoy collecting coins very much.

    Advanced Diary Simple and free private digital diary for your daily records.

    PL Table Complete data on the chemical elements is very useful for both students and serious researchers.

    Amigos Spanish Learn Spanish by practicing verb conjugation using different tests and games.

    Amigos Spanish Puzzles Spanish to English or English to Spanish becomes so easy while you are playing.

    Book Collector Organize your book collection in a database and finally know exactly which books you own.

    ICE Book Reader Professional E-Book reader, teleprompter, convert TXT to HTML, convert HTML-TXT, TXT-DOC, DOC-TXT, PDB-TXT, etc.

    Recipes Ship Easily download various great recipes, collect and organize your recipes, and more!

    MB Free I Ching Software It is really incredible that you can understand your present problem through your own queries.

    AceReader Pro Efficiently improve your reading skills by training with Drills and Games for all grades and ages.

    AceReader Pro Deluxe Make you become a more proficient reader both online and offline by improving your reading skills.

    AceReader Pro Deluxe Network Teachers can monitor the progress (reading speed and comprehension graphs...) of all the students on the network.

    AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus Learn to speed read and improve reading skills and handle an unlimited number of users on a stand-alone workstation.

    HeyDoc! Store and present all kinds of health information to give to your doctor conveniently.

    HomeGenie Provide you with a complete home inventory such as photos, stamps, coins, films, and everything you like.

    Birthday Calendar Reminder If you had one or more experience listed below, this reminder program is for you!

    Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner Effectively help you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more.

    IDEAL Calendar Print calendar exactly as you see it, Share occasions over the network, Create multiple calendars, and so on.

    AccuChef Easy to use recipe software that allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more.

    BigPicture Personal Fitness The ultimate personal food, exercise, and weight management software package.

    CubeStudio Easy to make your own CyberCubes and screensave with your favorite pictures or photos.

    Coin Collector Provide several fields for information about each coin entry including Coin name, Category, Date, etc.

    Address & Phone Book Pro Store someone's name and address including 4 phone numbers, Birthday, E-mail Address, and so on.

    Album Tracker Music organizer helps you catalog all your CDs, records, and tapes with 19 different customizable fields.

    Anti Porn Blocked ten thousands of porn websites, and allows you to predefine websites you don't let kids visit.

    KidSplorer Web Browser A safer alternative to Internet Explorer web browser, specifically for children to safely browse the internet.

    Beautiful Calculator A handy replacement for the standard Windows calculator with many additional features.

    Bible Decoder Explore the Hebrew Bible or any other text and search for embedded codes.

    Daily Planner Journal The daily planner function lets you plan out your days for the next 100 years.

    NavTools Route Voyage planning / scheduling / and reporting for merchant navy vessels!

    Aldo's Pianito A professional tool that helps you practice piano using the keyboard of computer.

    Chord ID Chord progressions of graduated difficulty in pop, Latin, country, rock, and jazz styles.

    Cyclic Independence for Drummers Help drummers of all levels of playing ability from beginner to advanced levels.

    Delta Minaret A useful desktop program helps you calculates daily prayer time and direction wherever you go.

    ALLTRANS An easy and convenient transformation between coordinates in different geodetic systems.

    ChemLab Commonly used lab equipment and procedures are used to simulate the steps involved in performing an experiment.

    Classifion A professional software for chemometrics, it also can be used with other kinds of characteristic spectra.

    Network Protocols Handbook Fully explains and illustrates all commonly used network communication protocols.

    Biorhythms Calculates the high, low and critical periods of your emotional, intellectual and physical cycles.

    Igneon Test Maker A great tool for academic and pre employment testing, personnel testing and certification.

    Easy Biorhythms Calculate the high, low & critical periods of your biorhythms to give you an indepth look at what's in store for you.

    Conversions+ Easily convert linear, area, temperature, weight, liquid, volume, speed, date and time measurements.

    Physics Cheat Sheet Help students who study in high school and college physics courses to work out physics equations.

    MB Free Astro Compatibility Test Software Help one to analyze his/her relationships based on the planetary positions at the time of birth.

    MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software Generate user's daily biorhythm charts including physical, emotional and intellectual cycles.

    MB Free Numerology Software Do you want to know the secret about your Name Number and Birth Number? It tells you.

    MB Free Psychic Test Software Not only make your intuitive powers stronger, but also make you more sensitive to the spiritual world.

    MB Free Runes Reading Software This divination tool can be used to bring about clarity and inspiration in you spiritual thinking.

    MB Free Tarot Reading Software Make you know what your future has in store and help you improve your intuitive skills.

    WordBanker English-German A unique and useful method of helping German to learn English and English to study German conveniently.

    WordBanker English-Greek A piece of professional learning English and Greek software that is very helpful and effective.

    Bicycle Gear Calculator Allow you to calculate the gearing on your bike and save the information for later retrieval.

    Collegio Football Electronic media guide for college football that covers 119 teams from 1869 to 2015 and everything in between.

    ComposeEssay Help writing compare and contrast essay, and create a template for compare and contrast essay.

    OrgScheduler Pro With multiple look and feel options and layouts, it is a complete calendar and scheduling system.

    Patient Information Management (P.I.M.) 2004 A Microsoft Office add-in that allows professionals in the medical field to organize, schedule, and so on.

    Pink Calendar & Day Planner Click on it to open a day planner for appointments, reminders, and type an entry and close - saving is automatic.

    SchedInspector Aims for helping you to stay on schedule with minimum efforts spending conveniently.

    Screen Calendar Set up pleasant working atmosphere by changing desktop view and add a full-functional PIM on your desktop.

    Delicious Candy Recipes The ultimate candy cookbook delivers many easy-to-cook and the mouth-watering recipes for candy lovers.

    Deliciously Decadent Cheesecake Recipes Smooth and rich, cheesecake is the most tasteful and unforgettable way to end a dinner meal.

    Drink Mixer Pro Perfect drink recipe for both expert and novice bartenders with over 1400 traditional and exotic drinks.

    Diet Tracker The best, the most flexible and friendly tool to control your meals as well as your exercises.

    Natura Sound Therapy Sounds of ocean waves, babbling brook, thunderstorm, forest evening and two ambient space music.

    IQ training Train your intelligence with this powerful software based on neurophysiological mechanism called Backpropagation.

    Just Relaxing Great therapy and adds that extra "white noise" that helps cheer up your day in the office.

    Just Wallpaper A fantastic tool that lets you manage and display all of your Windows' wallpaper.

    Book Tracker - Collector's Edition Organize and catalog all your books with 19 different customizable fields including Title, Author, Category, etc.

    MaxType LITE Typing Tutor Free and useful program for helping to test and develop your typing skills with any your own text files.

    WordBanker English-ChineseS A unique and fun method of helping English to learn Chinese or Chinese to learn English.

    WordBanker English-ChineseT Give you an easy and effective way to learn Chinese and English using many different practices.

    WordBanker English-Italian Easy and fun method of learning English and Italian, and the unique way to make you learn without realizing.

    WordBanker English-Portuguese Are you looking for an effective tool to learn Portuguese? Why not try this unique and fun method?

    WordBanker English-Russian If you want to learn Russian easily, this program is ideal for practicing while you are working or traveling.

    WordBanker English-Swedish Do you want to get an easy way to learn Swedish? If your answer is yes, you may download this unique software.

    WordBanker VB It is so useful that delivers a unique method to help you to improve your English Vocabulary.

    BetaSys Children Learning Essentials Great teaching tool for 2-5 year old children study, and make them feel like a game while learning.

    CATraxx A powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection.

    CATVids Powerful databse program that was designed to catalog and organize all your video collections.

    Recite Chinese Words Help you learn Chinese easy and interesting whatever and whenever you work on your computer.

    Digital Physiognomy Read a face by eyes, eyebrows, foreheads, cheekbones, chins, etc. to analyze a person in a graphic format.

    Recite French Words Learning French can become easy and funny with the right tool that is specially developed for increasing vocabulary.

    Recite German Words Learn any German words, expressions, idioms, phrases, etc. easily whenever you are working or playing.

    Recite Italian Words A unique method to learn Italian or English, which is different from the traditional and boring way.

    Recite Japanese Words When you work, study or play on your computer, you can master all kinds of Japanese words easily from the screen.

    Recite Russian Words You will master all kinds of Russian words to increase your Russian vocabulary unconsciously with it.

    Recite Spanish Words You can master all kinds of Spanish words easily from the screen, when you work, study or play on your computer.

    Simple Money Keep track of credit card charges, payments and so on, it makes people well know personal finance.

    ReadPal Read Emails (Outlook & outlook Express), MS Word documents, Web pages, and Text files.

    WinFlash Educator Award-winning Flashcard Study and Testing System - Memorize study material fast!

    FindGraph Comprehensive graphing and curve fitting tool for engineers, scientists and graduate students.

    Holidays Manager Great personal database manager that helps you remember all important dates for you from 1 till 365 days.

    MediaMan Do you want to organize well your books, DVDs, CDs, games and so on? Now use this tool.

    Software Tracker Help you catalog all your software programs with 18 different customizable fields.

    PC TimeCop Parents can now control the amount of time your children spend on the computer with this software.

    Secure Family Album Store your digital family photos together in your digital family album, and keep them secure.

    Tic Tac Total Good addition skills are a foundation for math and will benefit a child throughout life.

    Desktop Assistant Offers instant alt-click access from almost any application to the free online reference resource.

    Calculator Prompter With this calculator you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

    Grab It! Get digitized data from images, and it lets you use Excel to include a photograph or chart.

    Function Grapher Standard Edition Create 2D, 2.5D and 3D coordinate graphs, animations and table graphs very conveniently.

    FlexiMusic Kids Composer These great tools offer a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music making and recording.

    Guitar Chord Buster Pro These great tools offer a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music making and recording.

    Kba Complete Chord ID, Pitch ID, Rhythm ID, and Spell ID, Kba Complete includes all in one for beginners and advanced students.

    Easy Church Membership A way to allow a small church to be good stewards of the resources the Lord has entrusted to them.

    Desktop Zodiac Great application that maps the positions of the planets in the framework of the zodiac in real time.

    eBible A completely free Bible reading software that can display many different versions of the bible, commentaries, etc.

    DreamCalc Financial Graphing Calculator Provide an extensive range of financial functions for the people who familiar with advanced financial calculators.

    DreamCalc Scientific Calculator Provide a fully featured and convenient alternative to using a separate hand-held calculator.

    DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator It offers graphing, statistics, complex numbers, base-n calculations, conversions, and more.

    Flow Pro It computes steady-state water surface profiles for many prismatic open channel shapes.

    PEDOMETER LOG Record and convert your daily steps for a year and calculate the number of calories burned while walking.

    Golf Tracker Help you see where you are doing well and where your game needs improvement on your golf game.

    Golf Tournament Scoring Systems It scores your Golf tournament, which rank scores under any of 16 different scoring methods.

    Diving Log Link dives with photos and diveplace maps, display and edit your dive profile, and more!

    GS Typing Tutor Efficiently help you memorize the keyboard layout and go on to develop typing speed quickly.

    Quiz-Buddy An award-winning teaching tool for Windows that helps students with learning and test-preparation activities.

    Talking Dictionary A powerful spell checker and the ability to quickly scroll through various word definitions and synonyms.

    SEO Note One of the best freeware personal and business information manager for Microsoft Windows system.

    The Friendly Diary A favorite program for the family, as it allows every member to keep a personal secure diary.

    The Journal Keeping a diary or journal has never been easier or more convenient on your computer.

    TrayDay Lets you see the date at a glance, and has a handy pop-up calendar with week numbers.

    XE-Date Control An ActiveX implementing convenient way to input date ranges and single dates, which can work in 2 modes.

    Many Ways Of Cooking Eggs You will never run out of cooking ideas with Many Ways Of Cooking Eggs, and it will teach you.

    Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes This eBook collects many Apple Recipes that is the most popular fruit in America.

    My Recipes Easy to use program for collecting, organizing and printing your favorite recipes.

    Living Cookbook 2005 Smart Computing Magazine awarded Living Cookbook its Smart Choice award for cooking and recipe management software.

    MyListMate A clever and easy to use grocery shopping list manager, which helps you prepare and budget for shopping.

    Now You're Cooking! NYC is a good tool to manage all your recipes and grocery costs, create shopping lists and so on.

    Professional Bartender There are 1050 drink recipes including the latest recipes, classic drinks and non-alcoholic mixtures.

    Recipe Organizer Deluxe Allows recipe enthusiast and chefs to organize, catalog, and manage their recipe collections on their PCs.

    Recipes From Around The World You needn't to travel the world, but can taste the delicious food from all around the world.

    Recipes Galore It comes with over 340 family favorite recipes and helps you plan out your daily menus with the menu planner.

    The Appetizer Collection With a selection of 150 tastes tempting recipes, suitable for any occasion or skill level.

    The Recipe Processor 2000 It offers a search function for recipes by ingredient(s), categories, recipe name, directions text, or wildcard.

    Shop'NCook Shopping List & Recipe Manager Combines a recipe organizer and a shopping list manager working seamlessly together.

    LottoWin For lotteries in AUSTRALIA - ie Tatts Lotto. -.Ozlotto, Saturday lotto, Wednesday lotto and powerball.

    Moon Phase Oracle Pre Maximize your chances of successful fishing or hunting using the next generation of solunar prediction software. Sports Card Collector

    Right tool to help you catalog all of your sports cards with 18 different customizable fields.

    LingvoSoft FlashCards Collection of four absorbing games that will help you memorize thousands of foreign words quickly and easily.

    Talking Translator Pro Use 4 in 1 language utility which can translate text between 8 languages with 23 language sets.

    Linear Systems Step-by-step solution of the following problem: a 2x2 linear system or 2x3, or 3x2, or 3x3, and so on.

    Grin This program is an easy-to-use and powerful tool in the Graph theory with many capabilities.

    Random Number Generator Pro A generating random number program that allows users to choose lower and upper limits and increments of the numbers.

    Sicyon Lite calculator All-in-one scientific calculator for every student and professor, researcher and developer

    Systems of Nonlinear Equations It is a software program for solving systems of simultaneous nonlinear equations.

    Melodic ID It is a useful music program, which combines Pitch ID and Rhythm ID for advanced practice.

    MidiNotate Musician It can be used to convert music MIDI files to interactive sheet music more accurately.

    MuseBook Metronome A metronome running on your PC with additional TAP mode, which supports MIDI sound, wavefile sound, and beep sound.

    MuseBook Tuner Show the tuning status of an instrument and display the performed note on a stave and piano keyboard at the same time.

    Musical Space Invaders It is the finest note teaching music software available anywhere for the PC or Macintosh.

    ScaleTool Visualizes scales and chords on fretboards such as guitar, bass, banjo, etc. and keyboards just as piano.

    The Noteable Music Flashcards A music flashcards computer program designed to help music students of all levels memorize the musical notes.

    Muhurtha Explorer This program is the only Indian Vedic Electional Astrology software in the world.

    My Daily Scripture Uses the power of technology to make it easy to meditate on the Word of God throughout the day.

    SwordSearcher Deluxe Edition CD-ROM Powerful Bible study application featuring numerous resources and unique features, and very easy to use.

    T-Minus Count down Clock Count to Christmas; Count down to midnight on New Year's Eve; Countdown to Retirement day; and so on.

    The Mystic Tarot Can answer your questions about love, career, money, health, dreams, pets, business, and more!

    LunarPhase Pro Provides everything you need to know about lunar phenomena, and include interactive Moon Atlas.

    Petri .NET Simulator Be designed for modeling, analysis and simulation of flexible manufacturing systems.

    Pocket Stars PC It is a high accuracy ephemeris, star finder, and celestial navigation tool for users.

    Tom Computer Simulator It is a computer simulation designed to teach first time users how a computer works.

    Winning Science Fair Projects GOLD Prepare a winning science fair project with dozens of award-winning science fair project examples, lessons, etc.

    Mental Math Essential 2.2 Practice all the basic mental math skills and get best answer as accurately and fast as you can.

    Active To-Do List 1.1 Simply record all your tasks and remind yourself with a variety of alarm options.

    Audio Caller ID See and hear who is calling, Email yourself who called when you left and block unwanted calls.

    Ambidexter Mouse Help you easily change the use of mouse between left hand and right hand conveniently.

    OrgScheduler LAN 3.1 An accurate networking calendar and scheduling system that manage and share your schedules and plans.

    Body Mass Index Calculator 1.0 Easily and fast calculate your Body Mass Index using your weight and height.

    ActionBible Quickly finding Scriptures, enhancing Bible studies and note-taking, and personal studies.

    Advanced Pathway Painter Display any kind of quantitative data from gene and protein experiments directly within the pathways.

    Happy Note! Tetris Don't let any music note hit the bombs that are full of your screen so that you lose one life.

    Happy Note! Treble Clef and Bass Clef Funny and easily learn read Treble Clef and Bass Clef with a real computer game for everyone.

    BREAKTRU REMIND A fantastic timer, alarm, calendar, and schedule program that can be accessed from your system tray.

    MyLife An alarm/reminder/to-do time/task manager/organizer that organizes your personal and/or work schedule.

    EBooksWriter Create your e-book today! Create a compact selfinstalling e-book with one click.

    Excel For Beginners The first "true" beginners guide! A clear and strong learning of the optimal approach to learning Excel.

    How to Live on 24 Hours A Day One of the Best Time Management Books of All Times is Finally in Ebook Form.

    Learning For Profit Learn faster. Expand your learning power. Enhance your earning power!

    101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes It is so useful and interesting that you can cook meals outside the home kitchen!

    101 Chicken Wing Recipes This eBook collects various ways to cook delicious chicken for who like to eat chicken wing very much.

    600 Recipes For Chili Lovers Are you a chili lover? If you are, then you are going to love 600 Recipes For Chili Lovers!

    Blue Ribbon Recipes There are the most delicious and newest recipes including in Blue Ribbon Recipes.

    Bread Machine Recipes Teaches you to cook various delicious and mouth-watering food using your bread machine.

    Chocolate Recipes For Chocolate Lovers This eBook must be satisfied with all Chocolate Lovers around the world!

    Cookbook Be useful to manage your favorite recipes and print them to PDF or TXT files.

    Precision Genealogical Tool Be useful to manage your favorite recipes and print them to PDF or TXT files.

    Adult CPR Simulator Provide you and the CPR provider with an easy and pressureless means of practicing your CPR skills.

    BrainWave Stimulator Stimulate your brain using audio waves, meditate, and try self-hypnosis, and so on.

    Breathe142 It gives a visual and audio aid way to efficiently guide your breathing exercise.

    Blood Glucose Log Book Easy to use and have many powerful features to make self-management of diabetes a breeze.

    OrgScheduler A universal scheduling system for your individual/offices/business events.

    ChildCentre Very useful to help parents to look after children while they are playing their games.

    AceReader Read faster while on your computer by reading in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) mode.

    Audio FlashCards Japanese An audio-based Japanese vocabulary flash-card program for Pocket PC 2003.

    Audio FlashCards Korean An audio-based Korean vocabulary flash-card program for Pocket PC 2003.

    Babylon-Pro Just click and a small pop-up window appears with the relevant translation, information or conversion.

    BREAKTRU FRACTIONS N DECIMALS Add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions, convert fractions to decimal, or decimals to fractions.

    Breaktru Percent It is a great little tool to have on anyone's desktop for easily and quickly solving the percentage math problems.

    Breaktru Percent CE A great little tool to have on the Pocket PC for easily and quickly calculating the percentage everywhere.

    CalcSupreme Calculational software providing comprehensive basic, financial, business, math and more.

    Auto Maintenance Plus It provides a database for you to record your automobile expenses for maintenance and repairs, etc.

    MyPhone Book Dialer Stores all of your friends, family and business contacts' information in an organized database.

    NavTools GPS Connect your PC to your GPs via a serial NMEA connection and automatically log position, and so on.

    Astrology Prophet Pro Directions Help you to view astrological influence day by day in five main spheres of your life.

    Astrology Prophet Pro Transits View astrological influence to your life and predict your funtune in 5 main spheres of your life.

    Daily Bread for Windows A new verse is randomly chosen for you each day, or each time you run the program.

    InventoryBuilder Well organize and manage all your valuables and important things with your own custom categories.

    Bhagavad gita As It Is (ebook) It is more than a book, and it has the power to change your life to become better.

    Bhagavad gita As It Is (pdf) It is alive with knowledge and devotion, thus it has the power to change your life for the better.

    Chaitanya Bhagavata A central work of Gaudiya Vaisnavism wherein the life and teaching of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu are recorded.

    Krishna Book Trilogy 1 This Trilogy based on the Srimad Bhagavatam, which describes the pastimes of Krishna on this planet 5,000 years ago.

    Book Reporter Be designed to be used in the classroom to teach students computer skills, keyboarding, etc.

    English Hindi Dictionary Quickly looking up tough English words and Now Instantly look up the Hindi their meanings in Hindi.

    Crazy CopyCat Liqueur Recipes Some of the greatest kept secret recipes in the world! Make your own Liqueur at home fast and easy!

    Crazy CopyCat Recipes Great ebook that collects lots of copycat recipes from America's favorite restaurants.

    Magic Speed Reading Without the special practice, you can quickly increase your facility for fast reading and comprehension.

    Recipe Catalog Store your favorite recipes and gives you detailed nutrition information conveniently.

    Recipe Keeper Plus More than 340 categorized recipes that you can sort and try, along with a grocery list generator.

    CardFile Pegasus Secure your personal information such as CD keys, passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, E-mail, etc.

    Home Inventory Plus Provide you a place to organize information about your possessions and a lot more.

    UEFA Intertoto Cup Calendar The spreadsheet-based this program is a perfect tool to keep track of Intertoto Cup games.

    PocketLearn Viewer for Windows Help individuals study and learn educational content by using the familiar "flash card" paradigm.

    Tcal Calendar A calendar in a Client-Server system that allows to record your timed events and to see other resource's calendar.

    Weddle's Auto Maintenance Tracker An easy program that lets you store information about your cars and cars parts clearly.

    Weddle's Home Inventory Tools It is an easy application that helps you to restore all your personal important information.

    MultiTab Offers a new way to train children of 5 - 8 ages to learn division, addition and subtraction.

    Pornblocker A useful filter that instructs Internet Explorer 6 to block over 4000 offensive websites.

    T-Minus Baby's Due Date Countdown Clock Count down the time to this significant event - your Baby's Due Date for you on the desktop.

    T-Minus Birthday Countdown Clock Count down days, hours and minutes to look forward to the happy birthday on your desktop or webpage.

    T-Minus Memorial Day Countdown Clock It is a simple and accurate countdown clock, which displays time on your desktop.

    Chinese FlashCards A fully configurable audio-based Chinese vocabulary flash-card program featuring 8000 audio words.

    Japanese FlashCards Fully configurable audio-based Japanese vocabulary flash-cards featuring over 4000 words.

    FRACTIONS N DECIMALS One application can be used to do Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions, and so on.

    Geometric Constructions Animations provide detailed, step-by-step description of a straightedge-and-compass geometric construction.

    Earbuilder by GCM Enterprises Ear-training software for students, hobbyists, or any music enthusiast on a budget.

    EasyChord A guitar chord dictionary - and maybe the worlds most simple one - for standard tuned six-string guitars.

    Nimmer's DiveMate It further lets you view your planned dives as a DiveProfile,again almost exactly as when you work the Table by hand.

    Minute Timer When the count time that you set is reached, it will play a WAV file to alarm you.

    Speak it - Spelling Bee You are no longer tired of giving your children spelling tests after they say they studied their words.

    StudyMinder Homework System Help students of all ages track their grades, prioritize assignments and better manage their study time.

    To-do List An easy way for you to manage your list of tasks, making your life easier and more organized.

    Electronic Recipe Manager A state-of-the-art recipe management system that helps you conveniently manage all your recipes well.

    Kata Chess Great chess training system to master chess, and it can help players improve their chess instantly.

    Moon Phase Oracle Std The software provides weather oracle to allow you to display the weather forecast for 10 days.

    Korean FlashCards Help students learn a large number of Korean words as quickly as possible in a systematic but fun and simple way.

    Learn Chinese It's a simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool for learning Chinese language and culture.

    WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) Use by individuals, institutions and enterprises wishing to create syllabus-specific wordfiles.

    Inverse Matrices The program provides detailed, step-by-step solution in a tutorial-like format to many problems.

    Linear Algebra Solution of linear systems of equations, matrix operations, finding the determinant, trace, etc.

    Quick Conversion Useful mathematics software that helps you convert units of length, weight and capacity conveniently.

    Music Note Teacher It is a useful and handy tool for children to learn reading music using external Midi keyboard or mouse.

    Universal Converter To do a conversion, simply select a category (length, speed, weight, etc.), select the source and the target units.

    Desktop Calendar Reminder Mini digital clock, calendar and note's area for every day.

    GSA Image Analyser It gives an easy and convenient way to analyse 2D-images of any kind.

    tutor Helpful to guide you towards the right note on your instrument and improve your sight-reading skills.

    Typing Made Easy Typing practice is so easy and interesting, and you will become a better typist with these master lessons.

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